Beware of Scammers

Beware of Chimney Cleaner Scammers!
of low-cost or free chimney cleaning offers.

Beware of warm and friendly callers who claim they represent “your
chimney sweep company.”

Beware of companies who tell you they are running a special because
they’re working in your neighborhood on specific days only.

of scare tactics used to foot their way into your home such as warnings that your house will catch fire or your chimney could collapse and everyone inside could die from carbon monoxide poisoning!
Scammers use unmarked work vehicles and most are out of state!
Beware of service trucks or vans with no business signs and no markings with out of state tags.

Beware of cash only deposits that scammers use!
of high pressured, “cash only” deposit demands made for
unnecessary high-priced repairs, promising to return with material that day
to fix your chimney!

Beware of telemarketers asking for a deposit over the phone using your credit card in order to book a chimney cleaning appointment.

• If solicited by phone, ask for a return number and call back to confirm.
• Don’t fall for low ball pricing and free offers.
• Don’t be pressured by “immediate repairs,” get another opinion.
• Never give cash deposits (especially without a written contract).
• Don’t buy into the “your chimney sweep company” line. ALWAYS CONFIRM!
• Try not to be alone when any service person is in your home.
• If you feel pressured…….you are pressured. If necessary call 911.
• If the company is not in the local phone book, it’s usually a red flag.
• Always ask for a currently dated insurance certificate and proper licensing.
• Always get referrals whether it’s for repairs, inspections or chimney sweeping.