Top Sealing Dampers

Jetting out into the Atlantic Ocean invites another common problem that TOP TO BOTTOM frequently encounters here on Cape Cod. Anyone who has a home directly on the water (or close to it) or even more inland on a hill, or in a valley, can relate to the unique water problems associated with a “wind driven-horizontal rain.” Pie pans and damp towels scattered in the fireplace are commonly found as our customers continually battle with excessive water dripping into the firebox and pooling on the floor!

Other problems commonly found in these chimneys are severely rusted or even frozen shut dampers, causing the fireplace to become unusable!

A good part of this problem is usually an unprotected fireplace flue at the top of the chimney. Sometimes even conventional chimney caps allow wind driven rain into the flues from under the lid or masonry cap. For over twenty years TOP TO BOTTOM has been solving this unique problem with two equally unique products called the SEAL TIGHT and ENERGY TOP dampers.